World Series Game 5 Odds and Preview: LAD vs TB

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MLB World Series – Game 4 of the 2020 World Series proved to be an instant thriller and really gave us a feast. We’ve got some record-breaking feats, a home run derby, a boxing match, and most importantly, a wacky ending. The Los Angeles Dodgers unexpected throwing error at the plate was the talking point on Saturday. The Tampa Bay Rays were extremely fortunate that they won the game. If not, the game would have likely reached extra innings and it might have ended up LA going up 3-1.

For Tampa Bay, this has got to feel good for them after what happened in Game 3. We thought they were going to have a carbon copy of the previous game, but they were able to step up to the plate. They fought the Dodgers tooth and nail and delivered the goods when they needed to. For LA, they had the Rays right where they want them. They were ready to take a strangle hold on Tampa Bay, but that mishap really undid their hard work. I mean, you must feel sorry for the Dodgers. They did everything right, but it’s just that it was a mental relapse for LA. Who could blame them? I know I wouldn’t.

Anyway, just as I predicted, Game 4 would be different, and yes it certainly did. The outcome, however, was a different one to say the least. My guess was awfully close to being correct, but it was not to be. It was all Dodgers until that surprising 9th inning. Sometimes you’re guesses can be correct, other times they could be wrong, and there are uncertainties that come in between them.

World Series Prediction: Rays to Seize Control of Game 5

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I pick the Rays to win Game 5 on Sunday. They finally have their guys produce many solid at-bats from up and down the batting order. If they can continue to grind out multiple plate appearances like that especially in the middle innings of games, then this will help better their chances of getting on base more often, let alone manufacture runs. Brandon Lowe, Kevin Kiermaier, and Hunter Renfroe have done their job. Now, it is the rest of the team’s turn to up the intensity.

Randy Arozarena World Series MVP Elect

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Randy Arozarena has instantly become an October legend this postseason. Nobody did not expect this dude to be lighting up stadiums with his home run prowess. His power at the plate is more than just that. He has finally untapped his potential. Arozarena has an above average batter’s IQ and great plate discipline which you would typically see from an ordinary No.3 hitter in the lineup. If his consistency continues to rise, he’ll likely end up being World Series MVP should Tampa Bay reach the summit.

Through 4 games, he has a 0.357 batting average, 2 home runs, and a slugging percentage of 0.786. I am expecting that these figures will rise even further.

Kershaw in Pressure-packed Games

All eyes are on Clayton Kershaw as he is about to deliver an encore in Game 5. Throughout his postseason career, Kershaw has been below average in that department compared to his superb career regular season statistics. His World Series numbers of 35 strikeouts, a 1.04 WHIP, and 4.68 ERA are quite surprising considering his greatness on the field. If Clayton Kershaw does not come through in this pivotal Game 5, then it will make an even bigger dent to his credentials as an all-time great. He has got to go over his October jinx. With that, this is Kershaw’s biggest opportunity to prove to his critics wrong about not being able to win must-win games in October. Something he’s been wanting to achieve since he is, in my opinion, the best pitcher in MLB.

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