World Series Game 4 Odds and Preview: LAD vs TB

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MLB World Series – Walker Buehler stole the major headlines in Game 3. Buehler’s 10-K performance single-handedly gave the Tampa Bay Rays problems. Couple that with LA’s balanced attack further complicated the Rays’ rough outing thanks to their combination. The Rays need to put in more effort if they want to beat the Los Angeles Dodgers. They cannot win World Series if their batting continues to struggle. Tampa Bay must find ways on how to tweak their approach heading into Game 4. Otherwise, the LA Dodgers will just keep on trouncing them by the time the Fall Classic draws to a close.

World Series Game 4 Odds: Dodgers Verge of 3-1 Strangle Hold

Game 3 reminded us of what the Dodgers are truly capable of and I am anticipating to see the same level of output from them now that they are sitting on a 2-1 lead. I am still picking the Dodgers to seize Game 4 and put the Tampa Bay Rays on a strangle hold.

Turner To Set the Tone

Just like in Game 3, Justin Turner will set the tone for the Dodgers this Game 4. He is starting to pickup the pace with his bat and is now beginning to drive in runs. With him hot at the batters box, the Dodgers will continue to keep the line moving just like what we saw in Games 1 and 3.

Justin Turner had 1 HR, 1 RBI, 0.400 AVG in Game 3 and I am anticipating more productive output from him in the next crucial games.

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Betts and Dodgers’ Running Game

Stealing bases has been one of the key factors in the Dodgers gameplay in the previous games and Game 4 will not be any different. This intelligent base running will likely spell trouble for the Tampa Bay Rays unless they can keep them at bay from scoring these runs.

Mookie Betts will continue to be a force on the base pads. This had always been so far the case in the World Series.

Homeruns, Homeruns…and more Homeruns

Dodgers, in the first 3 games, made the World Series look like a 3-day Homerun Derby. Corey Seager, Justin Turner, and Bellinger’s Belli Bombs peppered the Tampa Bay Rays innings after innings. This will most likely be the case again this coming Game 4, with the Dodgers treating their fans with a few more tape measure bombs in store.

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Dodgers To Keep Momentum for Pivotal Game 4

Now, Game 4 will most likely be the key game of the series. With the momentum favoring the LA Dodgers, it will be definitely difficult for the Tampa Bay Rays to slow down LA’s offensive onslaught.

I am expecting this game to be a much closer fight for the Rays since they will for sure try to bring the fight to the Dodgers.

I am even thinking that the Rays might lead a certain point in the game but I still see the Dodgers being able to clamp down Tampa Bay down the stretch.

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