NFL Odds: Week 16 – Tennessee Titans vs Green Bay Packers

X-Factor: Two Aaron’s are Better than One

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Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Jones were responsible for all of Green Bay’s offense. They each had a rushing touchdown against a Carolina defense that lulled to sleep clogging the Packers’ rushing routes.

Rodgers and Jones seemed to enjoy themselves exploiting the Panthers’ weak coverages particularly Rodgers’ easy run towards the end zone. This won’t likely to be the case when they face the Titans’ good defensive line.

Rodgers and Jones may want to have a well-balanced approach in dealing the Tennessee secondary. Rodgers obviously has to throw a few more deep passes as often as he should while Jones needs to use more muscle scythe his way past Tennessee’s wall of defenders.

It’ll be interesting to see how well they can cope up against someone like Malcolm Butler. If Tennessee’s decides to play physical on D, I expect the Titans to throw a few more surprises to better their chances in stealing a rare win at Lambeau.


Keeping Tannehill and Henry at Bay

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It was business as usual for Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry as they both terrorized the helpless Detroit Lions. Tannehill was once again being smart with football while King Henry was being a freight train against weaker opposition.

They’re a menacing duo to deal with and this true in the eyes of other NFL teams who dare try to contain them. Tannehill and Henry have yet to have subpar games in the same game this season.

The Packers’ defense was rock solid shutting down the Panthers for most of the game minus Carolina’s late comeback. Green Bay needs to do more of the same when slowing down Tannehill and Henry. Their approach is simple, put pressure against both of them to produce turnovers or short gains. A seemingly difficult tactic for Green Bay to do but can manage to hold their own when executed correctly to avoid a repeat of last Saturday’s game.

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