NFL Odds: Week 15 – Cleveland Browns vs New York Giants

NFL Odds Sunday Night Football – Three more weeks left to run and there a ten playoff spots that still need to be filled. This Sunday night features an interesting matchup between the Cleveland Browns and the New York Giants.

There are plenty of playoff implications riding onto this game as both teams are looking to remain in playoff contention to their respective Conferences. The Browns and the Giants are both coming off of crushing defeats to both the Baltimore Ravens and the Arizona Cardinals last week.

A huge victory from either squad by the end of this game will likely increase their chances in getting them closer to clinching a playoff spot. The Browns and the Giants both need to bring their A-game up to try and meet the other’s challenge.

NFL Odds and Verdict: Browns Ground G-Men

For Sunday night’s game, I already picked out on who will win between Cleveland and New York. I pick the Browns run away with the game on Sunday Night Football versus the Giants.

The Browns will use their trump card – the run game to make the Giants’ rush-defense bite the dust. The Giants have their work cut out as they look to find ways in containing the Nick Chubb-Kareem Hunt tandem to make things more interesting.

Predicted Score: CLE 42 – NYG 20

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X-Factor: Chubb and Hunt Steamroll Past Giants’ Secondary

Ron Schwane/AP

Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt both played brilliantly in that epic game with Baltimore on Monday. The pair combined to score for 4 touchdowns and even if Cleveland didn’t go out on top, Chubb and Hunt wrecked both havoc on Baltimore’s Rush-D.

Chubb and Hunt are looking to do more damage with their bursts of energy as they attempt to scythe way past New York’s secondary. The Giants’ rush-defense was sloppy and didn’t make significant adjustments after falling way behind to the Cardinals last time out. The Giants will have to do one better in pulling an upset against the Browns.

New York needs to show more life to weather the early Chubb-Hunt storm by putting bodies in between them. If they don’t, this is going to end up being a long night for the Giants to overcome this game.

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