NBA Trade Rumors: Wizards Interested in Swapping Wall for Westbrook

nba trade rumors

NBA Trade Rumors – The Washington Wizards have become the latest team to express interest regarding a potential trade for Russell Westbrook. Among the current Wizards players on the roster, former NBA All-Star John Wall is the best pick to be dealt in the Westbrook trade.

Wall, who is recognized as one of the league’s most explosive point guards, has not played an NBA game since 2018. He missed the last two years after rupturing his Achilles tendon. During that time, he has done a superb job with his rehabilitation and looks set to make an emotional return to the hardwood. Wall’s position in this possible trade deal, though, could be very tricky for the Houston Rockets to decide.

Wall’s Athleticism and Calm Demeanor

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For his career, Wall averages 19.0 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 9.2 assists per game in 9 seasons he has played so far. The things that I like about Wall going to Houston is how calm he is when he has the basketball. He has a better jump shot, better passing IQ, and better decision-making skills. Also, Wall is a better well-rounded defender than Westbrook. These are qualities that the Rockets ideally do want to have.

There are some concerns for Houston if they do end up getting Wall. Firstly, John Wall’s health. For the most part, Wall is exceptionally durable just like Russell Westbrook. However, even if his Achilles tendon is completely healed, his body could still take a beating. Wall must have to endure against bigger, stronger opponents in a tightly packed Western Conference. If not, then the Rockets may have to impose a well-constructed load management plan to alleviate Wall’s body.

The other is his athleticism. The Rockets are unsure if he is still the John Wall of old. This may take a lot of time for Wall to get back up to speed. For sure he will become rusty once he starts playing. Once he gets some of his athleticism back prior to the injury, then there can be no doubt he may end up back to being an All-Star. We will wait and see what happens once the new season starts.

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