NBA Trade Rumors: Top 4 Free Agents for Warriors to Sign

NBA Trade Rumors: Another Shooter in the Cards?

Second on the list is Shabazz Napier

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Shabazz Napier has constantly been going from strength to strength every year since entering the league back in 2014. Last season, Napier finally found his calling when he played for the Washington Wizards. Napier has significantly improved on finishing around the rim better, his change of pace, and most importantly, his patience on getting quality looks. 

Napier’s Flavorful Offensive Style

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Napier is known for his silky smooth jumpshot due to his quick release and unique launch angle over taller defenders. His signature move is none other than the step-through layup in the paint. This can cause the defense to go off-balance and Napier will take advantage through his quickness and change of direction. These quality attributes could come in handy for Golden State’s small-ball lineup.

Although the Warriors waived Ky Bowman and signed Brad Wanamaker on defense, Napier will act as a backup three-point marksman to Steph Curry. Curry is starting to age a bit, and with his history of ankle injuries, he certainly doesn’t want to overdo himself. The franchise simply needs him to remain healthy if they want to be as dominant as their 2015 form and continue this into the new decade. This means Napier can give them more depth to their roster.

Oubre and Napier Instill a Modified Drive-and-Kick Tactic

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The Oubre-Napier combo is another great innovation for Golden State to put up points on the board. For this formula to work, Kerr will use Napier to initiate dribble penetration to get Oubre to square himself up and shoot the open shot.

The play begins with Napier dribbling the ball to see if he can find a route to start the play. Once he does so, Napier will apply his patented step-through and look for Oubre to spot up. While all this is taking place, Oubre will move to one side where Napier is and call his attention. This is to signify that he is ready to shoot. Then, when Napier turns to his side and sees Oubre, Napier will throw a dart to Oubre. This one will force the defense to scramble and Oubre will make the defense pay and drain the shot.

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