NBA Trade Rumors: Dubs Eye Possible Trade for Williams

nba trade rumors

NBA Trade Rumors – Rumors went around that the Clippers had locker room issues because of Clippers stars, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Montrezl Harrell already made his way out to join the Lakers. Lou Williams could be the next one to go as the Warriors express interest in landing Williams.

NBA Trade Rumors: Clippers Give Kawhi Preferential Treatment

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There is a lot of tension surrounding the Los Angeles Clippers about their identity as championship contenders. This came in the aftermath of their disappointing second round exit at the hands of the Denver Nuggets. So far this offseason, the Clippers promoted assistant coach Tyronn Lue as their new head coach. The team brought Lue in to resolve the franchise’s recurring issues with team chemistry. These are issues where previous Head Coach, Doc Rivers, was unable to fix. But despite Lue’s hiring, there were more issues brewing behind the scenes.

The Clippers dropped a huge pipe bomb last October that would eventually destroy the fabric that held the organization together. The Clippers gave Kawhi Leonard preferential treatment. That is to enable Leonard to select his own substitution pattern whichever Leonard is most comfortable. This move by the Clippers organization made Lou Williams, Patrick Beverley, and Montrezl Harrell understandably pissed off with the preferential treatment Kawhi got. To add more to the Clippers drama, Harrell was signed by the LA Lakers about a month later. Harrell’s move caused further issues with Williams and Beverley.

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