NBA News: Davis Inks Max Contract Extension with the Lakers

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NBA News – On Thursday, Lakers All-Star big Anthony Davis signed a 5-year max extension to stay with the Lakers. Davis’ contract agreement came in one day after fellow superstar LeBron James signed his a 2-year, $85M extension of his own.

Klutch Sports’ Rich Paul, who is the agent for both AD and LeBron, confirmed both deals directly to The Associated Press. Adrian Wojnarowski was one of the first to break in on the news regarding the finalization of the deal.

Deal Packages and Decision to Stay

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Even before free agency started, Davis bided his time to weigh his options on the most affordable deal he can get. According to Shams Charania back, he broke down “the expected possible deal packages” for AD should he return to LA. Here is Charania’s list of deal packages back on November 16:

  • 2-year, $68.1M extension (second year player option)
  • 3-year, $106.1M extension (third year player option)
  • 4-year, $146.6M extension (fourth year player option)

Despite the offers, AD was unable to select any of those deals that were laid down to him. It was not like he intended to decline them, he honestly felt something was lacking in those offers which the management team was unable to detect.

Davis privately requested Lakers’ management to put the offers on hold so that he would make his announcement once free agency started. The Lakers organization respectfully accepted his request and AD got on with his decision.

On the first day of free agency, Anthony Davis announced he was to remain with the Los Angeles Lakers long-term. This happened shortly after Davis opted out his $28.7M player option. AD’s move was truly a no-brainer and the rest of the league expected he was not going anywhere.

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