LA Lakers News, Rumors: Top 3 Free Agents Targeted by the Lakers

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LA Lakers News, Rumors – With the NBA pre-season about to begin, who will we see next to wear the purple and gold jerseys this season?

Lakers Continue to Win…

The reigning 6th man of the year, Montrezl Harrell, SHOCKED the NBA world when he decided to leave Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers to join their biggest rival in the West, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Harrell’s move took everyone by surprise which surely caused a lot of chatter within the league. This clearly got the attention of other free agents who would definitely want to roll with Harrell and the rest of LeBron’s crew.

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The NBA offseason is not over yet and there are remaining free agents still available to pursue. The defending champs are still expected to pull off some moves in their roster before the pre-season starts.

Top Agents Under Lakers’ Radar

Now, here are the TOP 3 players targeted to sign with the Lakers following the Montrezl Harrell trade.

Number 1 on the list is: Kyle Korver


Kyle Korver is one of the few teammates Lebron James had played with in Cleveland. The 17-year veteran averaged 6.7 points per game on 41.8% from 3 point range last season with the Milwaukee Bucks. He is a reliable three-point shooter off the catch. Plus, he is considered as one of the most prolific shooters to ever play the game.

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He can adapt easily to the Lakers style of play and have played with LeBron during their Cavaliers days. This makes it simpler for Frank Vogel. He can capitalize on their familiarity with each other and easily develop offensive runs with these two. 

With Korver’s ability to hit from long range, he is a seamless fit to the Lakers. Right now, the Lakers only have Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Kyle Kuzma as their go-to, main perimeter shooters.

While KCP’s 3-point shooting was instrumental during the Lakers’ title run, this could not be said the same for Kyle Kuzma due to his lack of consistency. 

Vogel Playbook with Korver

The Lakers are not exactly known for their perimeter shooting capabilities. Acquiring Kyle Korver will make total sense if the Lakers want to be deadlier in their overall perimeter game.

Partnering Korver with Harrell as the primary screener gives better percentage shots to shoot from the perimeter as Harrell is an expert at providing sufficient space on setting screens to get off open looks. This is perfect for Korver to automatically hit long jumpers with ease.

Korver has mastered the ability to pop out of screens to hit clean look. This is exactly why Korver and Harrell are the ideal teammates to execute these plays.


To give you an idea of Vogel’s possible Harrell-Korver play, it will consist of screen plays for Korver to exploit the opposition’s weak side defense. Harrell will come in by setting a screen between the baseline and the wing for Korver to swing around and knock down a jump shot. 

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